Inti Keith

Principal Investigator - Marine Biodiversity Research

Inti is a HSE part IV commercial diver, a Scientific Diver and PADI instructor and has dedicated her career to the conservation of marine ecosystems. Inti has worked all around the world from the remote islands of Orkney in Scotland to the Great Barrier reef in Australia. Inti joined CDF in 2010 and worked on shark tagging, sea turtle and subtidal ecological monitoring before completing her PhD on Marine Invasive Species. She now leads the Marine Invasive Species and the long term Subtidal Ecological Monitoring Programmes as well as being the science group coordinator for the Eastern Tropical Pacific Marine Corridor initiative (CMAR). Her research portfolio revolves around the role humans play in changing the natural world, particularly in marine ecosystems, and how science can influence management and policy. In recent years she has focused her research on marine invasions in Marine Protected Areas. She is particularly interested in both the consequences of invasions as well as the informed interventions to prevent and mitigate the impacts of these species and other anthropogenic impacts such as climate change. She is a member of the IUCN (SSC) Invasive Species Specialist Group, a National Geographic Explorer, and a member of the Explorers Club.