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Katty Coquinche

Environmental Educator - San Cristóbal Island

Katty is a cultural and environmental leader, she loves Art and Conservation. She has a Bachelor's Degree in Environmental Management from the Universidad San Francisco de Quito. She joined the CDF team in September 2023 as an Environmental Educator for San Cristobal Island, with the purpose of developing and implementing activities and projects of the foundation's Environmental Education and Community Engagement Program (ECO-PROGRAM). Katty currently leads the GECO Association in San Cristóbal; Since 2015 she has been working on her ecological project Blue Kraft (Transforming Garbage into Art), linking children, young people, adults, older adults, people with special abilities from the local community and also from the international community. She believes that, through Art, it is possible to do Conservation. Being part of the CDF motivates her to work with more enthusiasm for Galapagos, and to continue adding agents of change.