Mónica Tigse Vega


Monica Tigse Vega, a proud native of Galápagos, first saw the light on Isabela Island. Her journey with the Charles Darwin Foundation (CDF) began in 2000 when she joined as a volunteer. After a year, she rose to the position of field assistant in the fascinating world of marine research. In 2007, she took a significant step by moving to Santa Cruz Island, rejoining CDF as a volunteer in the administrative area. Her commitment and dedication were noteworthy, and in April 2009, Monica became a full-time staff member.

Over the years, Monica has played a crucial role in various areas. Currently, she excels in her role as Administrative Assistant - Reception, where she deploys her skills to support administrative and scientific staff.

Her responsibilities include overseeing local purchases through petty cash management, as well as handling and making phone calls at both local and national levels. Additionally, she takes comprehensive responsibility for receiving and dispatching documents and cargo, ensuring the efficient and timely channeling of these items to their respective recipients.

Recently, she completed her studies, obtaining the degree of Engineer in Tourism and Hotel Business Administration.