Patrick Moldowan

Principal Investigator - Giant Tortoise Conservation

Patrick is a Canadian wildlife biologist. In 2023, he completed his Ph.D. in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology at the University of Toronto and joined the Galapagos Tortoise Movement Ecology Programme as Principal Investigator.

Patrick is currently affiliated with the Charles Darwin Foundation and the Algonquin Wildlife Research Station (Canada), where he serves on the Board of Directors. His past research has focussed on the behaviour, population biology, and reproduction of amphibians and reptiles. He is passionate about natural history, ecology, and education, and the application of these disciplines for the conservation of species and their habitats.

Being new to the team, Patrick is excited to participate in fieldwork, develop research project ideas, and facilitate the research of student biologists that will contribute to our understanding and conservation of the iconic tortoises of Galapagos.

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