Alison´s Adventures visits Galapagos

07 Aug 19 /

Months ago we received the visit of Alison Teal at our Research Station in Puerto Ayora. Alison is known as the female Indiana Jones of Time magazine. She travels the world in search of the myths, mysteries and legends of the land. Her special feature is the hat she wears and the pink color that is her insignia.

Alison is a professional explorer and filmmaker who shares her movies and photos through her blog alisonsadventures.com and social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Youtube).
Her mission is to educate through entertainment, so Alison's adventures inspire millions of people around the world, and her humor and personality appeal to audiences of all ages. Through her captivating videos, she shares amazing discoveries about plastic pollution, demonstrating that "water is life" and here in Galapagos we were delighted to receive her and learn about her work.

During her visit to Galapagos, she interviewed our Communications and Public Relations Coordinator, Paola Díaz Freire, about our work at the Charles Darwin Research Station and the conservation of the islands. You can check out her full blog alisonsadventures.com/galapagos.

Andres Cruz

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