Don Jacinto Gordillo and the Charles Darwin Foundation

17 Nov 16 /
Don Jacinto Gordillo.

We regret to inform that the early morning of October 25th, 2016 in Puerto Baquerizo Moreno in San Cristobal Island we lost a very dear friend and ex colleague of the Charles Darwin Foundation, Jacinto Gordillo.

Everyone who had the honor to meet Don Jacinto know and feel closely the quality of person he was. His legacy to the Galapagos society, global and local science is huge. A tireless man, patient and wise will always be remembered.

Don Jacinto en el campo.
Don Jacinto in the field.

We want to share a note from two members of our General Assembly. A message from Dr. Gunther Reck, CDF General Assembly member:

“I am very sad to hear about the death of Jacinto Gordillo this morning in San Cristobal. Jacinto was a long-time representative of the Charles Darwin Station on San Cristobal, where he contributed to science and particularly environmental education and helped many scientists during their stay on the island. In the early nineties he returned to Isabela where he cooperated with CDRS for many years longer. His final years he spent in San Cristobal with his family where I had the chance to visit him several months ago. He was a good friend and always an inspiration for all of those of us who appreciated to be his friend. During my time as CDRS director I depended very much on the advice and cooperation of Jacinto”.

Don Jacinto Gordillo with an example of the plant Scalesia gordilloi, named in his honor.
Don Jacinto Gordillo with an example of the plant Scalesia gordilloi, named in his honor.

A message from Luis Maldonado, CDF General Assembly member:

“His contributions to science, conservation, education and to the CDF, as well as the memories that he left on many of us are immense and unforgettable”.

In our upcoming General Assembly we will pause to remember and honor Jacinto’s contributions to Galapagos.

May he rest in peace.

The Gordillo Ecologist Theorem (Spanish only).

Andres Cruz

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