Galapagos 360 - Google Street View

16 Sep 15 /
Crater of Alcedo Volcano, Isabela Island. Photo by: Liza Díaz Lalova.

If you would like to see the world from the comfort of your house, we have good news.  Through the new project 'Galapagos 360', you can view spectacular images of the islands without leaving your chair.  New geographic technology, online accessibility of large amounts of information and recent growth of interest in citizen science have come together to present a unique opportunity.  In association with other institutions, this project will develop the tools that will serve in future as a platform for the development of inbestigations, education and citizen science in the archipelago.

The Galapagos Street View Project was begun in 2012 with the idea to provide the scientific community and the world with panoramic, georeferenced, 360-degree images of the Galapagos, freely available through the Google Street View platform.

Andres Cruz

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