General Assembly 2019

21 Dec 19 /

Every year in November, the Charles Drawin Foundation hold a meeting for the General Assembly, which is the governeing body of the Charles Darwin Foundation (CDF). This year the meetings were held in Galapagos, lasting from the 9th of November to the 11th , at the Research Station located in Puerto Ayora.

Presentation of María José Barragán during the 2019 General Assembly. photo: Rashid Cruz, FCD.

The welcome speech, that started the general assembly was led by our Executive Director, Dr. Arturo Izurieta, followed by the President of the Foundation, Hans van Poelvoorde, after this, a presentation from the Sciences Director, María José Barragán.

María José Barragán with her team of scientists during the 2019 General Assembly. Photo by: Rashid Cruz, FCD.

"Research projects will be more focused on the needs of the island" explained María José Barragán.

This year's Assembly was extra special as we, celebrated 60 years of creation. We had more than fifty attendees, including scientific staff, managers, journalists, co-works and guests.

The leaders of the scientific projects had the opportunity to present their results and progress of the year, and important decisions were also made for the 2020 administration of the Charles Drawin Foundation.


In the General Assembly event. photo by: Juan Manuel García, CDF.

After the meetings and talks were over, we had an evening event, that gathered members of the CDF, general assembly and local community all together to watch the national premiere of the film Galapagos Hope for the Future.

For this event we had an outstanding turnout as we had more than 300 local, national and international guests during the movie launch, that filled the screening hall.

We thank you all for coming to this special evening of celebration.

In the premiere of the film Galapagos Hope for the Future in Puerto Ayora. Photo by: Rashid Cruz, CDF
Andres Cruz

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