Humans in the Galápagos Islands

Byron Delgado
18 Jul 18 /

The community in the Galapagos Islands is of great relevance in the research programs of the Charles Darwin Foundation (CDF). It is also of relevance for the natural conservation of the archipelago. Humans extract, take, protect and manage the natural resources that offer this paradise.
Therefore, it is a priority to research and to generate knowledge, not only about the wildlife biodiversity and the extraordinary resources of this natural patrimony, but also about the people of the islands and its dynamics.

Puerto Velasco Ibarra, Floreana Island. Photo by: Joshua Vela / CDF.

In this section, we will work in a brief analysis about this topic and particularly about the human population situation trough density indicators. The following storymap presents information using multimedia material and maps. These contents show the fact that the people who live in the islands has a challenge to accomplish in order to maintain balance in nature and wildlife, one of the main factors for their wellbeing and sustainable development.

The Story Map: "Aspects about the human population in the Galapagos Islands".

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