Santa Cruz community attends CDF's 2021 Open House

30 Jul 21 /

The Charles Darwin Foundation's (CDF) 62nd anniversary Open House was a total success. Approximately 500 people visited the Research Station's facilities to learn more about the ongoing projects that contribute to the Galapagos conservation.

Explicación de Proyecto de Especies Invasoras Marinas. Foto: Juan Manuel García, FCD
Explanation of the Marine Invasive Species Program. Photo: Juan Manuel García, CDF

Between games and dynamic explanations, visitors learned about our scientific research in both marine and terrestrial spheres.

Nuestro científicos compartieron con los visitantes su conocimiento.
Our scientists shared their knowledge with visitors. Photo: Juan Manuel García, CDF.

The tour of the CDRS was also shared virtually through Facebook live to reach each of our followers who for some reason could not visit us in person.

Visitors were pleased with the work that CDF has been carrying out for more than 62 years, with a mission to provide knowledge and support through scientific research and complementary actions to ensure the conservation of the environment and biodiversity of the Galapagos Archipelago.

Además de instituciones públicas, turistas y comunidad también visitaron la Casa Abierta algunos colegios y escuelas de la localidad. Foto: Johanna Villacís.
In addition to public institutions, tourists and the community also visited the Open House some local schools and colleges. Photo: Johanna Villacís.

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