The Charles Darwin Foundation, screens Galapagos Hope for the Future in Quito.

02 Jan 20 /

--Press Release-- On the 12th of December, during an event at the Capitol Theatre in Quito, the premier for the documentary Galapagos, hope for the Future was screened. Over 250 guests were attended the event. Representatives of the Chancellery of Ecuador, embassies and diplomatic bodies, as well as representatives of ministries, both public and private institutions came, CDF members of the General Assembly were in attendance, and finally Marisol Romero, narrator of the documentary in Spanish.

Marisol Romero and Arturo Izurieta presenting the event.

This is the first documentary that includes the work of the Charles Darwin Foundation and the Galapagos National Park Directorate, making it a very unique project. Galapagos, Hope for the Future, was held in the framework of the 60th anniversary of scientific research of the Charles Darwin Foundation in Galapagos.

Representatives of the European Union who attended the launch of the documentary.

The film was funded by the COmON Foundation, which is based in the Netherlands and directed by Evert Van Den Bos, a Dutch director and producer.

Evert Van Den Bos, director of the documentary next to Marisol Romero.

The documentary highlights the work of several scientific projects of the CDF such as the research of penguins and albatross, the study of sharks within the Galapagos Marine Reserve, research of the migration of giant turtles, the working of the Galapagos Verde 2050 and its objective of ecological restoration of the islands, the fight for the control of invasive species both marine and terrestrial, among others.

The film's international premiere, organized by the COmON Foundation, took place in Amsterdam on the 28th of October, there turnout was more than 800 attendees, including the Dutch royal family and several European celebrities.

The national premiere was held on the 9th of November, in Puerto Ayora, Galapagos. In addition, on the 11th and 12th of November. Screening were held for the local community, where more than 500 students from local high schools attended the premiere of the film Galapagos, Hope for the Future.

During this presentation, students had the opportunity to participate in a reflection activity for the film and discussed conservation actions. This activity was carried out with the support of the CDF Education and Community Outreach (ECO) Program.

The documentary Galapagos, Hope for the Future will also be screened in several cinemas across the country from January 2020. Link to the movie trailer. 

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