The Library Renovation Project Begins to Take Shape

16 May 17 /

The Charles Darwin Foundation’s (CDF) library has a wealth of information about the Galapagos Islands. Home to an extensive collection of books, scientific publications and journals that have accumulated over the last 50 years, the library is now in dire need of renovation and expansion.

Since January 2014, Amie Shuttleworth and Jonathan Waite, two highly experienced engineering volunteers from the UK, have dedicated their time and effort to restoring the CDF’s library.  Their current priority is to re-use the existing structure and make the building weather, insect and rodent proof as well as structurally sound.  Amie and Jon have conducted a structural survey of the existing building and investigated different construction materials and techniques in order to achieve this goal. A local building firm has been contracted and construction has already begun on the conference centre, which will house the new library space.

Amie and Jon have also evaluated design options for improving the library’s internal layout and reducing energy consumption through natural ventilation. The two engineers have gathered staff opinions and are also considering ways to make the library more user-friendly and accessible to local and international visitors.

All of this has been achieved on a shoe-string budget. With the help of Galapagos Conservation Trust , Amie and Jon launched their own crowd-funding site and raised $9000 to implement the first phases in the project. $15,000 in additional funding still needs to be found to complete the internal construction and create a functional library for staff, visiting scientists, tourists and the community.  You can support Amie and Jon’s work by visiting their website:


Galapagos Conservation Trust and The Prince's Foundation are supporting Amie and Jon’s work at the Charles Darwin Foundation. Moreover, thanks to funds donated from Galapagos Conservancy and Ken Saladin, the CDF are currently recruiting a highly qualified librarian to manage it.

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