Women Working in Science and Conservation

12 Mar 18 /
The Charles Darwin Research Station's Women. Photo by: Joshua Vela Fonseca.

Today we pay homage to all the women who work for science and conservation in Galapagos. All departments, including Science, Administration and Executive Management, depend on an incredible team of women who work for the conservation of these fragile islands. They are a clear example of women who have demonstrated being capable of professional success in a world that continues to struggle against gender inequality.

Did you know that according to the UNESCO Institute for Statistics, less than 30% of world’s researchers are women? At the Charles Darwin Research Station, almost 70% of our scientists are women.

For International Women’s Day, we would like to highlight their importance and also emphasize the struggles that women face when they wish to work in science. In the following videos, four women give advice to those who would like to work in science and conservation.


Andres Cruz

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