World Ocean Day Photography Contest

31 May 20 /

Author: Isabel Grijalva

For World Ocean Day 2020, we want you to bring the ocean home! 

The sea is the biggest ecosystem in the whole world, and humans depend greatly on it. However, the oceans are facing many underlying challenges and problems. Are you able to identify these problems and capture them in a creative way and sharing/communicating/conveying your message? We encourage you to think out of the box! Recreate your own ocean scenery at home. You can use any materials you can find, such as sheets, toys, cleaning materials, or recycling materials. You can also record a video and share your favorite activity on the beach like snorkeling or surfing. Share your photo on social media and don't forget to tag us. 

Characteristics: Online Event

Hashtag: #CDFHomeOceanChallenge

Age: All ages

Date: June 2nd until June 7th

Here are some examples to inspire you:

Title: A Journey by the Sea. By Milena Chuquimarca, 9 years old, Quito.
Domenica Cardenas, 16 years old, Galapagos.
Jordy de la Cruz - 14 years old, Galapagos.
Hally Angulo, 16 years old, Galapagos.
Jacob Hoyos, 17 years old, Galapagos.
Kionny and Antony Castro, 13 and 16 years old, Galapagos.
Ammy Guevara and Luis Muñoz, 11 and 12 years old, Galapagos.
Eimy Garófalo, 16 years old, Galapagos.
Andres Cruz

Protect Galapagos, Impact the World

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