Galapagos Research Issue 70

04 May 21 /
Photo by: Juan Manuel García, CDF.

Galapagos Research, formerly Noticias de Galápagos, is the research journal of the Charles Darwin Foundation (CDF) in the Galapagos Islands. The journal is edited and supervised by Dr. Alan Tye, a member of the CDF General Assembly. Here we publish research articles, archived news items of interest, and more general or outreach articles.

The journal covers topics of relevance to science or conservation in Galapagos, including natural history, biology, ecology, evolution, systematics, conservation biology, geology, geography, human history and activity, and biodiversity management.

Alan recalls that Noticias de Galápagos began in 1963, soon after the CDF was founded, as a newsletter about the institution's activities, challenges and successes. As this role became largely fulfilled through digital media, Galapagos Research gradually evolved into the fully-fledged, 100% peer-reviewed research journal it is today, as exemplified by this new, full-color issue, with articles ranging from Galapagos history to birds, invertebrates and invasive plants. We hope you find it interesting.

In Issue 70, we include the following contents:

  • A Galapagos Centipede Scolopendra galapagoensis preys on a Floreana Racer Pseudalsophis biserialis. Written by: Luis Ortiz Catedral, Eli Christian, Walter Chimborazo, Christian Sevilla and Danny Rueda.
  • First breeding record of the Galapagos Flycatcher Myiarchus magnirostris on Daphne Major islet. Written by: Manuel Nogales and Carlos Vera.
  • The role of light in Hill Blackberry Rubus niveus invasion of a Galapagos Scalesia forest. Written by: J.L. Renteria, R. Atkinson, C. Crespo and M.R. Gardener.
  • First record of Black-crowned Night-Heron Nycticorax nycticorax breeding in Galapagos. Written by: K. Thalia Grant.
  • The park monuments of Galapagos: a history and tribute. Written by: K. Thalia Grant and Gregory B. Estes.
  • First evidence of Chilean Flamingo Phoenicopterus chilensis breeding in Galapagos. Written by: K. Thalia Grant and Gregory B. Estes.
  • First record of the nematode Stephanurus dentatus in feral artiodactyls on the Galapagos Islands. Written by: Gustavo Jiménez-Uzcátegui, Luis Vasco, Andrea Loyola Herrera, Johannes Ramírez Kastdalen and Lenin Vinueza.
  • First report of co-occurrence of two species of mockingbird in the Galapagos Islands: a San Cristóbal Mockingbird Mimus melanotis in a population of Floreana Mockingbird M. trifasciatus. Written by Luis Ortiz-Catedral, Alex Lichtblau, Michael Anderson, Christian Sevilla and Danny Rueda.


Andres Cruz

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