The 2022 Galapagos Christmas Bird Count is back

14 Dec 22 /

Birds are once again our fabulous protagonists of the month of December. Now in its seventh edition, our annual Christmas Bird Count is in full swing in Galapagos. Throughout the month of December, we organize activities with countless members of our community who have an interest in science and want to learn about the population status of Galapagos land bird species. 

We invite you to participate in this year’s Christmas Bird Count, which is being held from the 1st until 31st of December. Join our annual census of these species and win prizes! 

Papamoscas de Galápagos. Foto: Bernie Jácome.
Galapagos Flycatcher. Photo: Bernie Jácome, CDF.
Coming up! 
  • Dec 17: we invite you to join the Audubon Society Christmas Count field trip to be held simultaneously in San Cristóbal, Santa Cruz and Isabela. To join this activity, you need to register at the following link: https://bit.ly/3XQNe98 and once you send the information we will contact you to give you the details of the activity.
  • Participate in our open Christmas Bird Count. To join this activity just take a picture of the bird and send it to +593 995036612 with a description of the island and day. 
Past activities:
  • Dec 2: To kick off the bird count, we set up our information tent at Pelican Bay Plaza where fun informational activities were held for kids in the presence of very own Vermilion Flycatcher mascot! 
  • Dec 8: A peaceful protest was held at Los Gemelos with our young community members to ask cars to slow down on the road as they cross the National Park.
  • Dec 9: The Christmas Bird Count team was also present at the Tomasina Science Exhibit at the Tomás de Berlanga School, sharing information and doing engaging activities with students to raise awareness of bird populations on the island of Santa Cruz.
2022 Christmas Bird Count. Design: Boris Herrera, CDF.


The objective of this campaign is to involve the local community in activities to raise awareness about the Galapagos endemic birds, several of which are in danger of extinction. Last year, 130 people participated across the four inhabited islands, reporting a total of 2363 birds with 119 species observed. The ground finch and Darwin's finch were the most sighted birds. What will it be this year?!  

The Charles Darwin Foundation has been leading this initiative since 2016, working hand in hand with several institutions and NGOs present on the islands. This year’s collaborators included Galapagos Conservation Trust, Galapagos Science Center, Fundación Jocotoco, Ecos and Acción Nativa

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