Shark-ambassadors lead microplastic cleanup with the European Union

27 Oct 21 /

Ambassadors and diplomats from the European Union, with representation in Ecuador and the region visited Santa Cruz, to hold working meetings with several state organizations and institutions and to conduct a microplastic cleanup at Tortuga Bay beach. This will be part of their EU Beach Cleanup campaign.

Reunión de embajadores y diplomáticos de la Unión Europea con Director Ejecutivo de la FCD, Rakan Zahawi en la sala de reuniones del Complejo de Inspiración. Foto de: Rashid Cruz, FCD.
Meeting of European Union ambassadors and diplomats with CDF Executive Director Rakan Zahawi in the meeting room of the Inspiration Complex. Photo by: Rashid Cruz, CDF.

On Thursday, October 14, the meeting room of the Charles Darwin Foundation (CDF) hosted the international representatives for discussions with local and provincial authorities such as our Executive Director, Rakan Zahawi; the President of the Governing Council of the Special Regime of Galapagos, Joan Sotomayor; officials of the National Police, NGOs, among others, to learn about their work and strengthen relationships to continue and further cooperation.

Camino a playa Tortuga Bay. Foto de: Juan Manuel García, FCD.
Road to Tortuga Bay beach. Photo by: Juan Manuel García, FCD.

Early on Friday morning, the delegation, accompanied by the Minister of the Environment, Gustavo Manrique, our director, the director of the Galapagos National Park, the director of the Galapagos Biosecurity Regulation and Control Agency, the CDF science club "Shark-ambassadors" volunteers from the Frente Insular movement, Conservation International, and the media, set out for Tortuga Bay beach to clean up microplastics.

Philip Schauer, Ambassador of the Federal Republic of Germany expressed his concern about this reality "It is impressive the amount of microplastics we found on the pristine beach of Tortuga Bay during the #EUBeachCleanUp, it shows how we are all linked in the world in terms of environment and that we have to work together."

Embajadores junto al Club de Ciencias de la FCD ejecutando la actividad de limpieza de microplástico. Foto de: Rashid Cruz, FCD.
Ambassadors together with the CDF Science Club executing the microplastic cleanup activity. Photo by: Rashid Cruz, CDF.

"We are happy that our little ambassadors were able to guide them and solve their doubts during the course of this morning. CDF believes deeply in investing in the future leaders of the islands who are undoubtedly agents of change in their families and the community." said CDF Executive Director Rakan Zahawi.

De izq a der: Danny Rueda, Director del Parque Nacional Galápagos; Rakan Zahawi, Director Ejecutivo FCD y Gustavo Manrique, Ministro de Ambiente. Foto de: Rashid Cruz, FCD.
From left to right: Danny Rueda, Galapagos National Park Director; Rakan Zahawi, CDF Executive Director; and Gustavo Manrique, Minister of Environment. Photo by: Rashid Cruz, CDF.

During this activity, authorities and volunteers agreed on the importance of reducing the use of plastics and improving waste sorting processes to give the planet a break.

“We must not forget that what we do today will affect future generations, which is why, as part of the science club, we learn to love and protect our environment and share with the public the importance of conserving the Galapagos Islands," said Hally Angulo, a member of the CDF science club "Shark-ambassadors".

Hally Angulo, tibu- embajadora de la FCD revisando la cantidad de microplástico encontrada. Foto de: Juan Manuel García, FCD.
CDF Shark-ambassador Hally Angulo checking the amount of microplastic found. Photo by: Juan Manuel García, CDF.
Andres Cruz

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