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Galapagos Cook Book: Nuestras Raíces

Cookbook of traditional dishes from Isabela Island, Galapagos.

01 Jan 21 /


Discover delicious recipes inspired by sustainable agriculture in the Galapagos Islands. This cookbook, born from the 'Sustainable Community' Project, on Isabela Island, blends culinary tradition with environmental commitment. Learn how the educational initiative by the Ministry of Education of Ecuador and the active participation of students are promoting conservation and sustainability in the region.

Sara Asencio, Katherine Cartagena, Emily Carrión, Maribel Fajardo, Rivaldo Flor, Danny Freire, Seleny Jaramillo, Merly Medranda, Keimy Moncayo, Soraya Pilozo, Clara Pincay, Joshua Rodríguez, Gabriela Rivadeneira, Rosa Solórzano, Jorge Vera

Graphic Design:
Daniel Unda García / Fundación Charles Darwin, 

Illustrations and Cover:
Katherine Jaramillo

COmON Foundation y Ecoventura

Citation Recommends:
Zambrano, Carla; Bustamante, Ernesto (2021). Recetario de Isabela: Nuestras Raíces. Puerto Villamil, Galápagos: Fundación Charles Darwin.

Edition and Compilation of Information:
Ernesto Bustamante Velarde & Carla Stephania Zambrano Palacios / Charles Darwin Foundation

Language: Spanish

Date: 2021
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