Galapagos Research Vol. 67

01 Oct 10 /

formerly Noticias de Galápagos

Journal of Science and Conservation in the Galapagos Islands

Date: 2010
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  • Guiseppe Di Carlo, Noémi d'Ozouville, 2010, The impacts of climate change on the Galápagos Islands: Assessing vulnerability and planning for adaptation - Galapagos Research 67: 2-2
  • Charlotte Causton, Christopher Hodgson, Douglas Miller, Piedad Lincango, 2010, An updated checklist of scale insects (Hemiptera: Coccoidea) of the Galapágos Islands, Ecuador - Galapagos Research 67: 3-7
  • David J. Anderson, Elizabeth I. Collins, Robert A. Browne, 2010, Morpholgical variation of Galápagos Island populations of the yellow warbler Dendroica petechia aureola - Galapagos Research 67: 9-13
  • Charlotte E. Causton, Henri W. Herrera, 2010, First Inventory of ants (Hymenoptera: formicidea) on Baltra Island, Galápagos - Galapagos Research 67: 13-17
  • Harra W. Woltz, James P. Gibbs, 2010, A pilot survey of the central colony of the waved albatross Phoebastria Irrorata on Española island - Galapagos Research 67: 18-20
  • A. Mauchamp, E. Ramírez, M.M. Trigo, Patricia Jarmillo, 2010, Insect pollinators of Jasminocereus thouarsii, an endemic cactus of the Galápagos Islands. - Galapagos Research 67: 21-25
  • Mandy Trueman, Noémi d'Ozouville, 2010, Characterizing the Galapagos terrestrial climate in the face of global climate change - Galapagos Research 67: 26-37
  • Matthias Wolff, 2010, Galapagos does not show recent warming but increased seasonality - Galapagos Research 67: 38-44
  • Judith Denkinger, Sandie Salazar, 2010, Possible effects of climate change in the populations of Galápagos pinnipeds - Galapagos Research 67: 45-49
  • Julian P. Sachs, S. Nemiah Ladd, 2010, Climate and oceanography of the Galápagos in the 21st century: expected changes and research needs - Galapagos Research 67: 50-51
  • A. Collins, A. Restrepo, J. Cole, J. Conroy, J. Sachs, J.T. Overpeck, M.B. Bush, M. Steinitz-Kannan, P.A. Colinvaux, Z. Zhang, 2010, Forty years of paleoecology in the Galápagos - Galapagos Research 67: 55-64
  • Patricia G. Parker, R. Eric Miller, Sharon L. Deem, Stephen Blake, 2010, Unnatural selection in Galápagos: The role of disease in Darwin's Finches (Geospizinae) - Galapagos Research 67: 62-64