A history of Galapagos in 15 documents

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Una historia de Galápagos en 15 documentos : del mapa de Ortelius al diario de Darwin / Edgardo Civallero . — Santa Cruz, Galápagos: Fundación Charles Darwin, 2022.
94 pages ; col. Ill. ; 35 x 35 cm. [Historia de Galápagos : 1]. ISBN: Pending. English. 21.7 Mb

A history of Galapagos in fifteen documents (subtitled From Ortelius' map to Darwin's journals) is a digital book edited by the CDF's Library, Archive & Museum area that collects and presents, pursuing a simple informative goal, a handful of textual materials that, from a heritage-related perspective, represent milestones in the Galapagoan history. They have been chosen, somewhat haphazardly, from a wide and rich documentary collection, as representative elements of an era — one going from the 16th century to the mid-19th century. The documents are presented in chronological order. Each one includes its bibliographic reference and presents the cover (original, when possible) and a fragment where the Galapagos Islands are directly referred to. As a complementary resource, each item has a link to download and view the full text. The goal of this work is to provide a basic and initial gateway to a rich and sometimes little-known literary and documentary production.

Language: English

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Date: 2022
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