Pescado Azul Technical Report

03 Jun 22 /

Pescado Azul Women's Association, born in 2001, consisted of a group of women dedicated to the production and marketing of products derived from artisanal fishing. Despite obtaining important achievements, marking a milestone in the development of initiatives with a gender approach and being recognized as an emblematic initiative on the issue of development in Galapagos, the Association vanished at the end of the decade without leaving much of a trace. Therefore, this report describes the initiative, explores the reasons for its discontinuity and illustrates the lessons learned from this experience. The results found contribute to the appropriate approach, design and implementation in future initiatives that include a gender and sustainability perspective in the Galapagos context.

Authors: Ernesto BustamanteMaría José Barragán , Gabriela Rodríguez Jácome,  Carla Zambrano

Language: Spanish

Date: 2022
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