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Adopt a green sea turtle

Adopt a Green Sea Turtle

Elegant swimmers

The green sea turtle is the only turtle species to nest in the Galapagos. The species is a frequent sighting on snorkeling and diving trips around the archipelago. It mainly stays near the coastline and around islands and is rarely observed in the open ocean. The green sea turtle is the only species to come on shore regularly to bask.


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You will receive: - Everything from the Bronze Package, PLUS - A set of 5 digital postcards of a species in a printable format
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You will receive: - Everything from the Silver Package, PLUS - CDF coffee mug (US addresses only)
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How your adoption helps

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Galapagos green sea turtles are particularly affected by boat propeller accidents. By adopting a sea turtle, you’re helping us develop models that will assist authorities in setting safer speed limits for boats. This not only safeguards sea turtles but also protects other marine wildlife. Your support also fuels vital research that will help authorities improve tourism practices, and ensure these charismatic animals and their habitats remain healthy.

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