Charles Darwin Foundation prepares for its 2020 General Assembly

04 Nov 20 /
Juan Manuel García-CDF
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Charles Darwin Foundation for the Galapagos Islands prepares for its 2020 General Assembly

The Galapagos Marine Reserve and Ocean Science for Sustainable Development is the theme of this year's 49th annual General Assembly of the Charles Darwin Foundation (CDF). This year it will be held on November 9 and 10, and due to the COVID19 pandemic, the meeting will be completely virtual.

During this annual General Assembly, there will be special guests like the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Ambassador Luis Gallegos Chiriboga, and keynote speaker, Enric Sala, National Geographic Explorer-in-Residence and founder of National Geographic Pristine Seas initiative.

In addition, the General Assembly meeting will feature innovative, creative and interactive presentations featuring some of CDF research projects. The opening will be broadcasted via Facebook Live to the general public on Monday morning, November 9, 9-11:30 am (Quito). 

Invitation to the XLIX General Assembly of the CDF
Invitation to the XLIX General Assembly of the CDF.

The General Assembly is the governing body of the CDF. Scientists, members of the government of Ecuador, members of associated institutions and other local and international organizations and individuals provide direction to the Foundation as members of the Assembly.

During this event, scientific project leaders will report on the progress and results achieved during the year, the GA will make important decisions about the administration of the institution and discuss critical issues for conservation and science in the islands.

In addition, CDF will present its 2019 Annual Report, which includes information on the scientific projects being carried out in Galapagos, data on our staff and volunteers, scientific projects, Education and Community Outreach activities and many others. The digital version is currently available on the website here.

The Charles Darwin Foundation for the Galapagos Islands (CDF) is an international non-profit organization dedicated to scientific research. CDF has carried out its mission in the Galapagos since 1959, thanks to an agreement with the Government of Ecuador and with the mandate to pursue and maintain collaborations with government agencies by providing scientific knowledge and technical assistance to promote and secure conservation of Galapagos.


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