Gearing up for the annual Christmas Bird Count (2021)

Leslie León
03 Dec 21 /

We are ready to start our 2021 Christmas Bird Count. Annually, in December, the Charles Darwin Foundation prepares a citizen science activity that helps to know the status of populations of landbird species through a census that involves the community.

For the last 6 years, and in collaboration with other institutions, from December 1 to 31 we have been carrying out the Christmas Bird Count in which citizens are the key and main actor to achieve the objectives set annually.

Female Galápagos Vermilion Flycatcher. Photo by: Rashid Cruz, CDF

The CDF's goal is to involve the people of Galapagos in learning about the status of the islands' landbirds, which are not only an important part of the islands' fauna, but also important to the world, through a fun and dynamic initiative, and this is what the CDF pursues every year with this activity.

Beside sending your bird pictures during all December, December 18 you will have the possibility to participate in the official Christmas Count of the National Audubon Society (the organization that leads the activity worldwide). Join us in this field trip in the company of bird experts.

Prior to this field trip, the 11th of December, a practical workshop is planned to learn how to use the eBird application, which is the database in which the Audobon data will be stored. It is further a pretty cool app to enter any bird observations and to learn more about the birds surrounding you.

El Conteo Navideño de Aves se realiza desde el 2015. Foto de: Rashid Cruz, FCD
The Christmas Bird Count has been held since 2015. Photo by: Rashid Cruz, CDF

Remember, throughout the month of December we will be receiving photos of the birds found at +593 98 308 1761 or by entering the following link: https://l.x4d.info/HmK. The only requirement to participate is to be in the Galapagos Islands.

We have the support of Galapagos Science Center, Fundación Jocotoco, Ecology Project International, Galapagos Conservation Trust, Frente Insular, San Cristobal Urban Bird Program (PAU), Acción Nativa and Galapagos Infinito who have joined this year to be part of the activity.
Come and participate in the Christmas Bird Count, we will have fabulous incentives and surprises!

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