Galápagos Diary

24 Feb 21 /

Galapagos Diary / Rosamond Georgina Lloyd Taylor ; edited by Edgardo Civallero .— Santa Cruz, Galapagos: Charles Darwin Foundation, 2020.

121 pages ; 30 cm. Memorias de la FCD : 1. ISBN: 978-9978-53-071-9. English .11.18 Mb

In 1938-9, accompanying her husband, chemist T.W.J. Taylor, on the Lack-Venables Expedition to the Galapagos Islands, British Rosamong Georgina Lloyd Taylor spent several months in the archipelago, especially in Santa Cruz, in the location that would later become Puerto Ayora. Her travel diary, handwritten in a small notebook, contains valuable information about life on the island at the beginning of the 20th century, and about the daily experiences of those first scientific expeditions. The present digital copy is an edited transcription of the only original copy, kept at the CDF Library.



Date: 2021
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